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Get to Know Rivanda

Rivanda Doss Beal has been an attorney for 23 years. Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago Rivanda is a graduate of IIT Chicago Kent College of Law.  A career prosecutor Rivanda has tried numerous misdemeanor and felony cases. Rivanda is currently a supervisor in the  Cook County State Attorneys Office at Branch 42 on the Northside of Chicago. Branch 42 has led the County in giving first time offenders a second chance via the Cook County States Attorneys Office Deferred Prosecution Program.  Rivanda is continuing to be a fair and just legal advocate on behalf of the residents of Cook County. 

Where is Rivanda on the Ballot

Alsip, Chicago Heights, Country Club Hills, Crestwood, Flossmoor, Glenwood, Hazel Crest, Homewood, Lansing, Lemont, Lynwood, Markham, Matteson, Oak Forest, Olympia Fields, Orland Hills, Orland Park, Palos Heights, Palos Park, Palos Hills, Park Forest, Richton Park, Sauk Village, South Chicago Heights, Tinley Park, and Worth

Rivanda is Active in the Community

Rivanda is a member of the Board of Directors for the Dr. Elzie Young Community Center Inc., an organization committed to the improving the lives of Families and Children living in the Princeton Park Community. In this position Rivanda has conducted/organized mock trial classes, modeling classes, etiquette classes, Black History Month lecture series, acting camp for kids, free summer camp for kids, back to school book bag and school supply drives and brown bag lunch distribution for the homeless. In addition to being active in her church Rivanda is a co-chair of the Judicial Reception Committee for the Black Women Lawyer's Association (BWLA) of Greater Chicago. Rivanda is the mother of two teens and a rescue dog.    

How Can I Help Elect Rivanda Doss Beal

Get Involved in the Campaign

This is a grassroots effort. This campaign needs volunteers every weekend from now until March 20th. We need people who will knock on doors, make telephone calls, put lawn signs in their yards and host meetings where Rivanda can tell voters the importance of voting for local judges and why voters should vote for her. 

Vote for Local Judges

Rivanda has heard time and time again that its just too hard to choose who to vote for when it comes to local judges. But local judges are one of the most important elections because local judges can affect not only your liberty, but your finances and your community. If you just turned 18 please register to vote and if you just moved to the 15th Judicial sub circuit please update your voter's registration. If you are voting by early or by mail remember to vote Rivanda Doss Beal for Judge; her name will be first on your ballot.

What's In it for You

 While fairness is something that gets talked about a lot in the legal system it is not something that we all see. Fairness to Rivanda is not just some abstract legal principal but it is the very reason that she became a lawyer. Throughout her career Rivanda has shown fairness to every defendant, witness and victim that she has ever encountered. To Rivanda fairness is not just words it is actions. That's the kind of lawyer she is and that is the kind of judge she will be. 

Video of Rivanda Doss Beal

The Diva Den Interviews Rivanda Doss Beal on December 16, 2017

What People are Saying about Rivanda

Encouragement and Testimonials

"I know Attorney Rivanda Doss Beal. I worked on a community summer youth program with her. Please consider supporting her."  Brenda Guthrie

"Being the fair and loving person that you are, in Christ, you WILL BE A GREAT JUDGE!" Joyce Potts 

"Hey look at my sister, the next cook county judge please vote for her if you live in Homewood, Chicago heights, Olympia fields flossmor, Palos hills park forest hazel crest, Palos park, the fair change in the court room." Catherine Jurich

"Please vote for my dear friend and former colleague Rivanda Doss Beal for Judge! She is smart and would be a great addition to the bench!" Grace Hong Duffin

.."She is a former student of mine from the University of Illinois Urbana and I can vouch for her training and integrity." Dr. Dianne Pinderhughes

"Go get ‘em partner!! I believe in you!!"  Theo Jamison

"Hard work usually pays off. Don't give up the fight." Gregory Lathan

" ...FB friends God Bless Yall to Answer this call she is the real Deal put her in Rivanda Beal."  Eugene Shareef Sr.

"All my fb friends and family in the South Suburban area, please Vote for Rivanda Doss Beal and advise your family and friends to do the same. She has the experience and expertise. I personally know her to be a woman of integritgy with a heart for righteousness. Well qualified to get the job done." Sonja James

"Rivanda was an excellent partner." Denise Nalley

"Rivanda is a good partner."  Dan Groth

"She better get it. Congratulations doss family." Kevin Jurich McManus

"God be with you cuz. Campaigning isn't easy, but with the family support you have you will be successful!" Donna Paulette-Thurman

"Help elect my Auntie Rivanda Doss Beal for cook county Judge 15 th sub judical circuit thank you." Tiffany Shavonne Blair 

"Praying for you Rivanda Doss Beal May God Bless you Abundantly!!!! You Deserve it!!!!!!!" Renee Beal

"Best of luck Rivanda Doss Beal!" Amy Arrynsmom Wb

"Please Fam let’s support my Sister/Friend Rivanda Doss Beal! You won’t be disappointed!!!" Angie Lampkin

"... We are sooo Excited to have Honest People Champion our Causes!" Angela R. McClurkin

"So happy to hear my colleague, Rivanda Doss Beal has decided to run for judge. We were Assistant States Attorneys together back in the day. Good luck, Rivanda, and I know you will make an excellent judge!!"  Frank J. Andreou

"Rivanda Doss Beal is an experienced and highly qualified legal advocate for the Chicago community. She will make an excellent Judge because she is knowledgeable, concerned and fair. Please go learn more about her and support her if so moved." Sara Maravich Spruth

"Hey Chicago! My cousin Rivanda Doss Beal is running for cook county judge! Vote for her!" Amber Doss

"Please share & vote for Rivanda Doss Beal who is running for cook county judge 5th judicial subcircuit in south suburbs...." Kevin Hines

"I am asking my family and friends to support our future Judge Rivanda Doss Beal. I have seen her grow from a quiet teenager to a mature professional in the Knowledge of the Law."  Irene Gaiter


"Please vote for my Sister Rivanda Doss Beal who is running for Cook County Judge 5th Judicial Subcircut in the south suburbs!"  Edwina Ackie

"Finally a great candidate in my sub circuit. Can't wait to vote for you and spread the word to my neighbors." Connie Jordan

"One true friend and my baby girl Juliana God Mommy running for cook county judge please share and vote for her Rivanda Doss Beal." Nicole Hicks

"This Juliana God Mommy Rivanda Doss Beal you got our vote" 

"A vote for Rivanda Doss Beal for the 15th Subcircuit will be one of the wisest decisions one has ever made. She brings to the bench enormous knowledge of the judicial system due in great part to her numerous years of dedicated service. She is the one for this position." Shirley Jones

I want to Donate to the Campaign

Printing, postage and signs cost money and your generous donation will help fund these much needed items. Thank you in advance to helping to get the word out for Rivanda. 

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